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Measures the speed of the door while closing and calculates the minimum closing speed.

EZSpeed training video.


EZSpeed is the next generation velocity gauge. It is a compact unit system that mounts via a vacuum cup on the body. EZSpeed measures the speed of the door while closing and calculates the minimum closing speed. It takes only a few seconds to install. It will report results on the screen or to the software via an optional wireless link.


Laser technology and advanced signal processing manages to detect the speed of any passing object. The optics allow the unit to be placed at short or larger distance from the edge of the moving object. This results in great comfort of use for the operator. Integrated sensor will reorient the display to facilitate reading and rechargeable batteries guarantee continued operation.

Gap Mode

EZSpeed has an integrated feature where the units reports to the user the lowest speed at which the door latched as well as the highest speed where the door did not latch. The difference can be programmed to be a particular value, in order to guarantee the completion of the iterative testing.

Features and Options

Standard Features

  • ONE Single Independent Unit
  • Automatic Rotation Function for screen with device orientation
  • Tolerances
  • Removable Rechargeable Battery
  • Charger up to 8h on single charge
  • For real-time data display

Popular Options

  • Optional Wireless Logging to PC
  • Protective Cover
  • Additional Battery
  • Support for sliding door


EZSpeed can operate as a stand alone gauge without any interaction from other software. It reports automatically the minimum closing speed applicable tolerances on the display. Red/Green/Yellow feedback is displayed on unit. Operator indicates on EZSpeed which door is being measured.
EZSpeed with an optional bluetooth or wifi wireless connection can be combined with audit, audit +, or PLS software.
The software will allow the operator save measurements into the database and associate them to vin numbers. Use barcode reader to record the VIN number. Data can be exported for review or automatically transfered to a SPC platform.