EZMetrology supports the aerospace industry through the utilization of EZMotion and EZPressure, to ensure that aircraft meet the proper safety and quality requirements. Furthermore, our machines and software can also be used to optimize performance aspects of the aircraft such as speed, fuel efficiency, stability, and more. All these components can be improved to make the aircraft safer, faster, and more ecofriendly.

In-Flight Window Vibrations

Windows in aircraft, whether it may be to pilot the plane, or for leisurely sightseeing, must be adapted to overcome pressure changes and intently prevent potential damages. Our EZMotion technologies enable you to provide solutions for in-flight measurements of main or sub-structures of the craft.

Specifically, the system can be used to quantify dynamic deformation of doors or windows under important pressure variations in flight vessels such as helicopters.

EZMotion Benefits:

  • Optimized for Low Frequency Vibrations (0-50Hz)

  • Multiple Points for Shape Deformation

  • Combined with Pressure or Force data.

Operations of Doors/Hatches

Doors and hatches are vital to making sure that passengers are kept safe from the depressurization of the plane’s speed and altitude. The possibility to configure our EZMotion technologies and adapt it to specific requirements enables us to provide measurement technologies to describe operations and kinematic compliance of multi axis mechanisms. The position measurement combined with operational force can provide the necessary insight into the quality of the kinematic structure and elements.

EZMotion Specific Advantages:

  • Optimized for Low Frequency Vibrations (0-50Hz) or Static Deformations under load

  • Multiple Points for Shape Deformation

  • Combined with Force data to measure peak force and Helicopters


EZMetrology’s optical measurement technology for both static and dynamic deformation, is a perfect tool to study quantity deformation under pressure load. High contrast targets can be placed in and around the structure. A set of high-resolution pictures will allow the software to determine the relative displacement of this point cloud. The perfect tool for fast yet accurately determining changes in gap, in flush or in sheer between adjacent panels, window opening door gaps, hatches, and more.

Wind Tunnel Instrumentation

EZMotion will be used to measure structural deflection or deformation of parts subject to pressures cause by the airflow. A single set can be focused on particular components or a camera network can overview the complete assembly.

EZMotion Specific Advantages:

  • Optical Trackers (adhesives or point) do not interfere with air flow

  • 3D Displacement of multiple points

  • Relative Displacement

  • Position as an important addition to force measurements to establish compliance.

  • Camera System us positioned outside the laminar flow

Landing Gear Drop Test

Landing an aircraft is one of the main components of a flight that ensures safety,  this means that the parts of the plane that ensures that smooth landing (the wheels and the suspension assembly) must meet a certain standard. Our product EZMotion, will evaluate the kinematic behavior of and transient deformation of the wheel and suspensions to determine if they have the appropriate tolerance to endure the impact of a plane landing.

EZMotion Benefits:

  • High Speed, Short Recording Time

  • Multiple Points for relative displacement

  • Full 3D displacement for accurate feedback towards simulation.

Part Dynamics Response

EZMotion optical technology platform can be found in applications for parts dynamic response measurement and quantification. Where accelerometers provide an excellent in high frequency spectrum, the optical technology is perfect for the static or low frequency responses.

A part placed on a test bench and be subject to mechanical or thermal loads will deflect. The displacement of multiple points can be recorded in function of time. A collection of optical targets, in the form of high contrast adhesive labels, placed on specific points on the part, are measured and provide accurate 3D position at a rate anywhere from 100Hz all the way up to 2000Hz.

The obtained measurement data can validate the parts specifications such as max deflection, resonance peak or provide valuable feedback to the simulation.

DropTest Dynamic System Validation

EZMotion 3D data combined with force, pressure, or other sensor, provide a comprehensive picture of the behavior of the assembly or its kinematics. The individual structures, their kinematics and compliance, can be characterized or evaluated.

The position data can determine on specific stress points, joint locations, displacements, repositioning, flexibility…  Based on position, accurate conclusions can be drawn towards velocity (position or angular) and even acceleration.

Having determined the current velocities and damping characteristics, system adjustment can be envisioned to improve the overall performance of the kinematics design.

Hydraulic Kinematics

EZMotion tracks the dynamic performance of hydraulic assemblies to document and establish speed performance, total travel, drift, snubber effect and more.

Component Testing:

Hydraulic test stand will run the assembled product through a series of tests to establish the correct operation prior of moving the part the installation process on the machine.

EZMotion Specific Advantages:

  • Dynamic Testing

  • IP68 to resist hydraulic oil

  • Rugged Tracker for 100% in-line inspection

  • Full integration in Test Stand Controller as closed loop

Assembly Evaluation

Upon assembly of the hydraulic system, the overall performance can be evaluated. This includes establishing or verifying the motion specifications.

EZMotion Specific Advantages:

  • Large Volume

  • Rugged Tracker for 100% inspection

  • Relative or Absolute Measurements

Dummy Position/Adaptive Control

The position information obtained from EZMotion can be used to steer a fully automatic system to obtain a desired specification. The stream of data is used as input to the motion controller and used in a control loop.

Guided Positioning:

The guiding application can be performed with manual positioning. For example, the operator can position a dummy in line with a certain impact hammer trajectory to make sure the hit occurs on a specific point on the dummy’s chest.

Typical Applications:

  • Adaptive control for robot position feedback

  • Interactive position of dummy on test stand

K&C Testing and Durability Rig

EZMotion will record with high accuracy the position and angle of the wheel under load. This will map the suspension kinematics (Geometry) and the compliance (Flexibility) of the vehicle

Track Data and Drive File development:

For Durability test, EZMotion will be used to synchronize track data with the data from the test stand to make an optimal match and establish a realistic drive file.

EZMotion Specific Advantages:

  • Large Volume with Camera Network

  • Lower Frequency, high resolution

  • IP68 for humid and water environment

  • Rugged passive tracker

  • Full integration in Bridge Controller as closed loop

EZMotion Portable

EZMotion Portable is a 3D or 6D measuring system based on latest stereo vision camera technology. This variant of the technology is designed for portable use where the system can be transported and installed on-site in a minimum amount of time. The system is capable of tracking a multitude of points or objects in space and determining their absolute or relative movement through advanced on-board software.


  • Stereo Vision Technology for high accuracy

  • Passive Optical Trackers for 3D Position or 6D Position/Angle measurement

  • Unlimited recording time

  • Rugged, light weight and solid-state system

  • Different Volume/Accuracy/Speed, configurations available to meet requirements

  • IP68 Option

  • Camera Network Option for large volume, high accuracy

EZMotion IP68

A solution for 3D kinematic inspections in rugged environments. It is used to inspect travel, speed, stability, structural stiffness, and dynamic response of assemblies. Multiple systems can be combined to cover large areas with unprecedented accuracy. Available for different speed and volume configurations.


  • Measure anything from slow deflections or displacements all the way up to higher mechanical vibrations even beyond the 2000Hz band.

  • Different trackers to track objects in 3D (XYZ) or 6D (XYZIJK) from adhesive targets to rugged mechanical targets.

  • Networking of camera systems for big structures or wind tunnel testing.

  • Modularity to select the camera resolution and fixture adjusted to the customer application.

  • Real-time feedback with EZMotion Software

  • Robust and industrial grade for challenging environment


SealScan is a compact, lightweight, 2D scanning system for fast and accurate measurement of cross section mating surfaces. Seal gap, seal compression and panel alignment are the most popular applications.


  • Measure with all components installed and under real load conditions.

  • Capture any free form surfaces including seal, mounting flange, corner seals, push-over seals.

  • Flexible suction cup base, Battery or Grid Powered operation.

  • Results are shown in real time to avoid gaps or holes in the data set.

  • Processing and dimensioning in a 2D environment to mimic blueprint.


EZ | 3D is an innovative camera system that utilizes a simple “point-and-shoot” interface to measure relative surface part assembly deformations, all within a standalone handheld device. Measures gap/flush/sheer evolutions during climate test, load test of a structure or assembly.


  • Easy to use

  • Uses HD cameras

  • Faster and more accurate than other gauges

  • Measures in three dimensions at once

  • Touchscreen

  • Handheld

  • Import/export automated recording

  • Point-and-shoot

  • Adhesive targets

  • Use in dark and light areas

  • Measure several points in a single snapshot

  • Intuitive work flow


With thousands of satisfied users, EZMetrology has consolidated all feedback, updated and developed the next generation gauge.SpeedPod stands for innovation on many levels, like; Improved Accuracy, Reduced Measurement Time, Simplified Operation, Reduced Size and Weight (250gr), and Connectivity.


  • Create and manage door profiles

  • Define Target Values and Nominal

  • Active different measurement Modes

  • Set up Network Configuration

  • Firmware Upgrades


EZEnergy is a compact device that can be easily installed on any closure, and it will allow the user to capture how much energy he had to apply to the door in order to bring it to a close. The advantage of measuring the energy is that it will also include the effect of check and hinge while classic speed devices only capture the influence of seal and latch.


  • Advanced algorithms for best accuracy and optimal repeatability 

  • Non-abrasive suction cup mount, with quick release 

  • Compact and light stand-alone measurement device: no wires, computer datalogger or external power required 

  • Sleep Mode for extended operations 

  • Bright, scratch proof, multifunctional display with autorotate function 

  • Comes in rugged transport case with desktop charger and battery 


EZPressure is a device developed to accurately measure and track the pressure inside of a cabin during a door closing event. It is a valuable add-on to the line of EZ Metrology door inspection gauges because it records the rapid pressure variation that occurs and the important characteristics of the waveform on its display.


  • Pre-determined peak detection algorithm 

  • Wave Characteristics: Peak and Vacuum level, rise and drop time 

  • Synchronization in and output 

  • Units: mbar, Pa and mmH20 

  • Sleep mode for extended battery life 

  • LED lights indicator during testing 

  • Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery for continuous operation, with desktop charger 

  • Can be combined with other EZ devices from the EZDoorkit 

  • The pressure sensing point can be extended using tubing to record the pressure wave at  precise, remote or confined place 

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