Ships have been the longest used form of transportation and people are everlastingly finding solutions to make them safer, faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. This industry requires extensive research/testing, which can be accelerated and supported by one of our versatile technologies;  EZMotion. Through the use of CAD programs and simulation testing, ships can be meticulously designed to deliver high performance, safety, and longevity.

Ship Seakeeping Basin

EZMotion will follow the location of a ship model or maritime platform in a water tank to track the object during wave and currents simulation. The position measurement also serves to steer the instrumentation bridge to follow and steer the model.

EZMotion Specific Advantages:

  • Large Volume with Camera Network

  • Lower Frequency, high resolution

  • IP68 for humid and water environment

  • Rugged passive tracker

  • Full integration in Bridge Controller as closed loop


EZMotion system is used to measure the dynamic movements of ships during the design, testing, and validation. EZMotion allows acquiring deeper insights into scaled ship prototype performance in terms of maneuverability and stability on high seas as well as streamlining the process of docking cargo ships in ports and connecting tankers to oil drilling facilities.



  • Optimized image processing for reliable measurements in different test conditions.

  • Simplified and secure mounting systems.

  • Interfaces to wheel force transducers [ask us for compatibility].

  • Possibility to synchronize with 3rd party sensors.

  • One platform to measure movement up to 2000hz.

  • Raw or unfiltered data is available in text format for post-processing.

  • Real-time feedback while recording.

  • Animation of the data for full visualization.

  • Unlimited recording time.

  • Accurate 3 and 6-dimensional measurements and not estimated.

  • Limited overhang compact mounting for easy maneuvering for test facility environment.

EZMotion - IP68

EZMotion IP68 can test and provide measurements for the dynamic motion of ship model testing. This provides deep analysis and insight into the performance of these ships when it comes to their safety/stability, only with their ability to maneuver.


  • Measure trajectories and deformations in 3 or 6 dimensions  

  • Unlimited recording time  

  • Real time control loop (speed or position based)  

  • Multiple optical trackers for detailed structural data 

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