EZSlam is the world’s first dedicated closure measurement system. The EZSlam innovative design measures and stores door closing data for the complete closing event. EZSlam integrates precise algorithms and scientific methods into a simple, comprehensive tool for closure measurement. EZSlam translates subjective impressions into objective numbers. EZSlam is easy to use and can be operated by non-metrology technicians. Once data is acquired the EZSlam generates results that can be shared throughout an organization. This assists in comparing designs, facilitates quality monitoring, and accelerates the design analysis process.

Designers use it to compare different concepts or different designs. Developers can investigate dependencies between components and optimize tolerances bands. Manufacturing Engineers use it as a simple tool to monitor quality and troubleshoot issues. Quality Inspectors use it to quantify customer concerns and chart impressions. Specialty Builders use it to evaluate or upgrade the fleet to high standards.

The concept of EZSlam is making it possible to measure accurately all key metrics of a door in a quick and simple operation.

  • Easy to use

  • Compact to transport

  • Reduced testing time

  • Increased accuracy

  • All-in-one measurement

  • Low maintenance

  • Wireless operation


Many different metrics can be identified using the EZSlam:

  • Typical over slam

  • Striker Alignment

  • Latch Point

  • Minimum Closing speed

  • Initial speed

  • Speed Curve

  • Closing force

  • Minimum Input Pulse energy

  • Gravity Input

  • Kinetic closing energy

  • Door check force

  • Static Latch energy

  • Swing Radius

  • Door Rise

  • Door Check Linearity

  • Door Check Slope

  • Inertia

  • Hinge tip

  • Cabin pressure peak

  • Pressure rise time

  • Pressure drop time

  • Temperature


Combined Integrated Model is the method of combining information from several tests into one database or model and determine key characteristics that otherwise can only be estimated by time consuming iterative testing. Because many metrics are interdependent, the EZSlam can determine the correlation between these different metrics and broadcast the relationship as a characteristic, or predict critical intersections points.

  • Minimum closing speed

  • Minimum closing speed curve

  • Minimum Pulse

  • Typical Cabin pressure peak


PC based control software manages all data acquired with one or more EZ Slam devices.

  • Simple user interface

  • One page result overview

  • Statistical view

  • Automatic reporting

  • Database

  • Energy pie chart

  • Tolerances

  • Export data

  • Language & unit selection

The specifications of the products technology include the following:


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