EZMotion – IP68 is an innovative technology geared towards measuring dynamic/relative movement through the use of camera sensors. What makes EZMotion IP68 so special is that it can be submerged in water alongside being resistant to dust. The means that it can be put into virtually any environment to measure movement in both 3D and 6D.

  • Measure trajectories and deformations in 3 or 6 dimensions

  • Unlimited recording time

  • Real time control loop (speed or position based)

  • Rugged for industrial applications

  • Multiple optical trackers for detailed structural data

EZMotion IP68 units can be networked to either enlarge the measurement volume, improve performance, or both, enabling the perfect fit for your application. Camera configurations are available in high-speed and/or high-resolution models and both come in regular or IP68 packaging. Easy-to-use alignment procedures are used to ensure reliable and accurate results.


Popular applications are,


• Tow Tank Applications to measure the dynamics of the ship seakeeping basin,

• Validation of Cylinders or Hydraulic System kinematics during the manufacturing or development stage,

• Wind Tunnel Applications to measure deformation on parts or assemblies,

• Landing Gear Drop Test for validation of prototype designs or final products,

The specifications of the technology of the product include the following:

Volume Range3000x1500x2000 mm (approx.)
Sample500 Hz
Accuracy0.1 mm
Weight2.3 kg
Target Size6 mm(3D) to 120 mm (6D)
Work VolumeThe solution allows to adjust the viewing angle and therefore adjust to the application-specific requirements. Powerful integrated LED light solutions can provide the environment for accurate measurements.
Real Time/ RecordingEZMotion IP68 can be set up to provide near real-time feedback for closed-loop position systems or be operated as a standalone unit and record position and angular data in its proper database.
TargetsEZMotion IP68 can use a wide variety of targets to record the motion in 3D (XYZ) or 6D (XYZ, ijk). Targets come in rugged or adhesive versions and in custom shapes and sizes to match the environment.
MobilityEZMotion IP68 is available as a mobile version where the system can be set up and removed in a minimum amount of time or as an integrated setup where the individual components are integrated in a test stand setup.
Speedup to 2000hz

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