The most important aspect to the civil industry is building structures that withstand the test of strength, safety, and time. During the process, engineers must test and study the behavior of buildings and bridges under extreme loading conditions generated by man-made and natural hazards. EZMetrology supports this industry by offering machines that measure these thresholds and software that provides invaluable data.

Earthquake Test

EZMotion monitors structures and structural elements under dynamic load from, for example, earthquakes. The massive shaker table, with up to 6 degrees of freedom, will shake the full 1:1 or scaled structure to monitor displacements and resonance of the components.

EZMotion Specific Advantages:

  • Large Volume using a Camera Network

  • Lower frequency response, High Resolution.

  • Position

Data Replacing cumbersome and time-consuming setup of countless string pods, linear displacement sensors, encoders.


A solution for 3D kinematic inspections in rugged environments. It is used to inspect travel, speed, stability, structural stiffness, and dynamic response of assemblies. Multiple systems can be combined to cover large areas with unprecedented accuracy. Available for different speed and volume configurations.


  • Optimized image processing for reliable measurements in different test conditions.

  • Simplified and secure mounting systems.

  • Interfaces to wheel force transducers [ask us for compatibility].

  • Possibility to synchronize with 3rd party sensors.

  • One platform to measure movement up to 2000hz.

  • Raw or unfiltered data is available in text format for post-processing.

  • Real-time feedback while recording.

  • Animation of the data for full visualization.

  • Unlimited recording time.

  • Accurate 3 and 6-dimensional measurements and not estimated.

  • Limited overhang compact mounting for easy maneuvering for test facility environment.

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