Speedpod the New Generation Speed Technology. More Intelligent, more accurate, easier to use, SpeedPod is offering a solution for each and every Door.

With many installations on all continents, EZMetrology has consolidated user feedback, and updated and developed the next-generation Door Gauge. SpeedPod is a new generation closing effort gauge with technology to capture minimum closing efforts. SpeedPod stands for innovation on many levels and has already undergone extensive testing with positive outcomes.
SpeedPod stands for innovation on many levels :

• Improved Accuracy

• Reduced Measurement Time

• Simplified Operation

• Reduced Size and Weight (250grams)

• Connectivity

• Door or Window mounted technology with new high technology sensors

• Dual core processor for real-time signal processing.

• 16Gb on-Board Memory.

• Dual Li-Ion Battery for uninterrupted operation.

• Docking Station with Fast Charge capability.

• Integrated Shock absorbing protective Cover.

• Lightweight design for comfort and accuracy.

• Bluetooth and Wifi Enabled for connectivity and data transfer.

• Ultra Bright Leds for immediate user feedback on status or tolerance evaluation.

• Scratch-proof, high-contrast e-ink display.

• Battery saving low power sleep mode

• Patented Single Action Suction cup system for instant mounting and dismounting.

• In-house verification and maintenance possible for maximum in-operation time.

SpeedPod is the next-generation measurement gauge that offers many valuable features to the user which increases efficiency with improved accuracy.

Placement & Movement Detection

  SpeedPod detects when it is mounted to a door and starts the appropriate acquisition.

Automatic Latched Not-Latched Detection

  The smart algorithms can determine if the door has been latched or not, avoiding any   operator mistake

360deg Rotation Compensation

  The gauge can be mounted in any orientation at any angle for any rotation.

Smart Measurement Complete Flag

  The system will determine based on the preferences when measurement can be considered complete. This can be based on the tolerances, gap mode… 

Single operation Suction cup

  The suction cup holding mechanism can hold the device firmly on the closure in a single-hand motion.

Bright Led Status and  Go-NoGo 

  A number of multicolor LEDs will provide immediate feedback on the status of the measurement with a simple green red as final conclusion.

Integrated Protective Cover

  To protect the device from accidental drop, it comes with an impact-absorbing protective cover.

High Contrast Ink Screen

  For the best clear reading of multi-functional information

Scratch Proof Glass

  The screen is protected by scratch-proof domes glass for strength and clarity.

Lanyard Connection

  Keep the device at hand and protect it from an accidental drop.

Dual Battery Technology

  For optimal weight, weight distribution and uninterrupted operation. Without   recharge 6 to 10h. Easily extended when placed in the Power station on   occasion 

On Board Memory

  Store Values on the device when not in wireless mode.

Fast charge Power Station

  SpeedPod comes with a fast charger in the form of a docking station.

Sleep and Deep Sleep Mode

  Optimal Sleep mode to preserve maximum battery capacity and extend   operation time.


  Part subject to wear such as suction cup can be exchanged by the end user to   keep the gauge in operation

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