EZPressure is a device developed to accurately measure and track the pressure inside of a cabin during a door closing event. It is a valuable add-on to the line of EZ Metrology door inspection gauges because it records the rapid pressure variation that occurs and the important characteristics of the waveform on its display. The pressure wave allows us to study not only study multiple peaks, but also the different shape. The shape provides a more detailed look into evacuation efficiency.

The unit is simply positioned inside the cabin or trunk without any connections to the outside. The unit will display the results on the screen or optionally report them to the software, which is typically Audit.


  • Pre-determined peak detection algorithm 

  • Wave Characteristics: Peak and Vacuum level, rise and drop time 

  • Synchronization in and output 

  • Units: mbar, Pa and mmH20 

  • Sleep mode for extended battery life 

  • LED lights indicator during testing 

  • Exchangeable Lithium-Ion battery for continuous operation, with desktop charger 

  • Can be combined with other EZ devices from the EZDoorkit 

  • The pressure sensing point can be extended using tubing to record the pressure wave at  precise, remote or confined place 


Multiple EZPressure Unit can be synchronized to record data with identical time base. This is the perfect feature to study pressure propagation throughout a structure. EZPressure measurements can be recorded in collaboration with an EZSpeed unit as pressure and speed are related.


The pressure sensor can be extended using tubing to record pressure peaks at very precise, remote or hard to reach places.

The unit comes with Sensor Unit, battery, desktop charger and transport /storage case.


While EZPressure can be utilized as a stand alone unit, it can also operate with one of the recording packages. Audit., Audit + or PLS. For this particular unit Audit + software is also capable of downloading the complete pressure profile onto the computer for further detailed anaylsis.

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