SealScan represents a compact and lightweight 2D scanning system that provides fast and accurate measurements of cross section of mating surfaces. It provides a significant aspect to the key functions of sealed components and is crucial to obtain the actual compression data. Sealscan captures the shape and location of seals, trim, and body in white – individually or as an assembly. Seal gap, seal compression and panel alignment are the most popular applications.

The unit can be mounted on a full assembly using its pair of universal mounting platforms. These are based on suction cups and are harmless to the surface they are mounted on. The measured section includes the location and dimensions of body in white parts, seals, weather strips, trim panels, and glass.

Some of its features include:

Creates a 2D image of the section, which is easy to analyze, dimension and report

compact and lightweight 2D scanning system

Fast and simple measurement procedure

Point cloud based measurement

Construction of Spline, Lines, Circles, etc.

Obtain distances, angles, radius, overlap, etc.

Optional interface to third party inspection or scan software

2D Scan

The smart laser technology will capture points on the different surfaces with high accuracy resulting in a detail profile of the assembly. A measurement can be performed on a full, untouched assembly or broken down to the individual building blocks such as orientation of flanges and trim panels.


The integrated initialization procedure enables the system to capture the relative location of both mounting bases and therefore scan the profile and dimension the relative positioning of the mating surfaces. The overlap or interference of the seals, metal, trim panels and other components can be observed, quantified and verified by the detailed 2D scan.


SealScan can be integrated with any CAD or measurement software. It comes standard with an easy-to-use CAD package that allows to capture the sections, dimension and report them. Other features include the import of a nominal or theoretical profile, constructing features, defining shapes and more.

The specifications of the products technology include the following:


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