EZEnergy is a compact device that can be easily installed on any closure, and it will allow the user to capture how much energy he had to apply to the door in order to bring it to a close. The advantage of measuring the energy is that it will also include the effect of check and hinge while classic speed devices only capture the influence of seal and latch. These pieces of information provide the manufacturer with information about the functionality and quality standard of the door.

The unit integrates three distinct characteristics; Energy, Force, and Speed. For Speed, it can capture the required energy the user has to provide to bring the door from an open position to a close. For Force, the unit can also be configured to capture the static closing force based off the speed. Finally, the unit is also capable of recording the closing speed in the scope of the maximum speed during the trajectory. Each method allows for an insightful evaluation on door closing efforts regarding the standard of quality that the door meets.

The EZEnergy data gets sent to the corresponding and user-friendly GapMode. GapMode automatically filters through all the data and analyzes it so that the value reported is the lowest energy at which the door latched as well as the highest energy where the door did not latch. The difference can be programmed to be a particular value, in order to guarantee the completion of the iterative testing.


EZEnergy can be optionally equipped with a wireless link (Bluetooth or Wifi) to a computer to record the measured values and associate them with a certain VIN number, door position, etc. The measured values are logged in Audit or PLS solutions.

Speed/Force Curve

With a wireless option, the user can download any speed or force curve in order to enhance further his understanding of the closing event. The curve measurement taken is based on the function of the door’s angle. The data is readily available in text format for further processing.

  • Advanced algorithms for best accuracy and optimal repeatability 

  • Non-abrasive suction cup mount, with quick release 

  • Compact and light stand-alone measurement device: no wires, computer datalogger or external power required 

  • Sleep Mode for extended operations 

  • Bright, scratch proof, multifunctional display with autorotate function 

  • Comes in rugged transport case with desktop charger and battery 

The specifications of the products technology include the following:

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