EZ|3D is an innovative camera system that utilizes a simple “point-and-shoot” interface to measure relative surface part assembly deformations, all within a standalone handheld device. It also measures gap/flush/sheer evolutions during climate test, load test of a structure or assembly and is able to do this in extreme conditions. There are also different target sizes that can be used in order to tailor to the application. These results are then sent to a user-friendly software to be analyzed and then the software will create a graphical representation.

EZ | 3D requires no installation for typical use. The included tablet computer comes preinstalled with software that captures, measures, and stores all pertaining data. Each kit comes with an array of adhesive targets that allow precise measurements of specific points along any surface.

Using proven stereoscopic vision, EZ | 3D is able to track points relative to a given reference and determine their position in space. Measurements can then be taken again after testing to detect any deformation in the observed assembly. The values displayed at this point reflect the change in position from the initial image taken.

  • Simple controls

  • Multiple input/output options

  • Real-time status feedback

  • Immediate numerical and graphical report

  • Template for testing procedures

  • Data export in CSV or other file formats

All – In – One

Eliminate the need for gap and step gauges. EZ | 3D not only measures the gap and flushness between two surfaces, but can also measure lateral shifting that may occur during testing. Multiple target points can be used to truly examine the profile of any surface.



  • Easy to use

  • Uses HD cameras

  • Faster and more accurate than other gauges

  • Measures in three dimensions at once

  • Touchscreen

  • Handheld

  • Import/export automated recording

  • Point-and-shoot

  • Adhesive targets

  • Use in dark and light areas

  • Measure several points in a single snapshot

  • Intuitive work flow


Expedited Reporting

All data collected using the EZ | 3D system can be exported as a spreadsheet (*.xlsx) and is very simple to view. Each location on the part or vehicle is designated by a customizable tag that appears at the top of each table. This provides fluid communication of vital records between personnel with minimal explanation.


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